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The Crane has Implemented EzRMS for SaaS Revenue Management

The Crane, the first Caribbean premier residential resort in Barbados, is the latest hotel to join EasyRMS portfolio, through a successful deployment of EzRMS, as their preferred SaaS Revenue Management solution. Easy (Ez) Revenue Management Solutions Ltd (EasyRMS) is the leading provider of SaaS Revenue & Yield Management solutions to hotel businesses worldwide.

Since the completion of the installation and training in the second quarter of 2011, this beach resort now fully benefits from the EzRMS Core Module, Ez-QUOTE and Ez-COMPETE, along with an upload to Opera V4 PMS and Pegasus NetREZ interfaces, which will help maximizing their total revenue potential in the long term.
The senior revenue management consultant, who completed the installation says that The Crane's revenue management team were looking to automate some of their processes when they approached EasyRMS for solution.
Moreover, the strategic team are able to utilize the system's recommendations and yield rates according to fluctuating demand and the hotel's performance can be tracked through the extensive reporting capabilities EzRMS has to offer.
Last, the hotel will be able to analyze the historical and future details stored in the property management database, centralized in one reporting system like EzRMS, which will help them accurately determine their position within the competitor market and to quickly make the right decisions about their pricing and yielding strategies to achieve profitable results.
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