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Cozymel Operator Increases Profitability with Labor Scheduling Tool

Food Friends & Company, a Texas-based restaurant management company that currently operates 17 restaurants in 10 states, announces a drastic increase in overall profitability thanks to TMx Labor Management software.
Food Friends & Company currently has four main properties; Cozymel's, Woodlands, Wapango, and Mexico Cantina. In the initial stages of implementation with TMx, Food Friends and Co was looking to improve kitchen labor thus impacting the overall profitability of their companies. TMx Labor Management Software by TimeManagement, a provider of labor solutions to all properties, has greatly assisted Cozymel's with both sales forecasting and a comprehensive labor guide that compares scheduled labor vs. optimum labor. These features, along with professional services by TimeManagement, have provided Cozymel's with more accurate and efficient scheduling.
Mary Russo, corporate manager at Food Friends and Company, states that TMx has given their restaurant managers a tool for forecasting sales and scheduling labor which integrates with their Micros POS system. This takes the place of an excel spreadsheet, focuses more attention on productivity, saves their managers time and helps supervisors hold the restaurant managers accountable for proper scheduling best practices which helps them to build sales and control labor costs.
"We have been extremely pleased with both the level of support we've received from TimeManagement on a continuing basis, and more importantly, our results," says Russo. "The training and professional services from TimeManagement has been great and the level of support has exceeded our expectations."
TMx by TimeManagement Corporation offers a suite of labor management solutions to assist organizations like Cozymel's in improving the efficiency and productivity of their workforce. TMx by TimeManagement reflects 25 years of refinement based on the evolving needs of over 5,500 hospitality operators including Food Friends and Company. TMx Labor Management Solutions includes performance based scheduling, dynamic labor forecasting, embedded workflow for employee hiring, multiple time capture solutions and seamless integration to numerous POS, PMS and Payroll systems. TimeManagement offers around-the-clock hotline support and professional services including integration and training.
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