The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Updates Rose, Its SMS Chatbot


The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas unveiled pivotal technology advancements to transform its website, Identity Membership & Rewards program, and its mischief-making chatbot Rose. As a part of this development, Rose will become an Artificial Intelligence-based SMS chatbot serving casino loyalty customers in the hospitality space.

“The objective behind The Cosmopolitan’s technology advancements is to make accessibility easier for our guests in addition to delivering a more personalized experience,” said Tom Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. “In our continued effort to keep the resort at the forefront of technology in the gaming and hospitality industry, whether through the instinctive, personalized settings for guests on our website, or the convenience of texting our chatbot Rose to deliver Identity members their status and available offers, technology has given us the ability to serve our guests at an even higher level than before.”

Rose, The Resident Chat Bot
Developed by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and its digital agency, R/GA Chicago, Rose was first introduced in January 2017. Rose’s playful personality broke new ground for chatbots in the hospitality industry. Her savvy, quick-witted and inspiring messages reflect the distinct allure of the resort. In alignment with The Cosmopolitan’s spirited brand and market-leading creative, Rose goes beyond robotic commentary and instead uses her Cosmopolitan personality to engage and entertain guests. Using real-time text messaging conversations, Rose guides guests through art tours, arranges for amenity delivery (towels, pillows and hangers) to guest rooms, suggests the perfect restaurants, recommends one-of-a-kind, off-menu cocktails and even plays games. Upon launch, Rose was able to answer 80% of guest’s questions automatically. Guests who used Rose were 33% more satisfied with their stay based on guest feedback and spent an average of 30% more while on property.

And while Rose has always been smart, she now has even more ways to impress and service guests, with earlier this year, integrating into an Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing-based platform in conjunction with She can answer guest questions even faster and understand context. Additionally, Rose can read sentiment and detect if a guest has an issue or concern about a room or service and immediately call upon a Guest Service agent or more internal teams for quick and seamless resolution.

Much of Rose’s success lies in her ability to network. In her latest iteration, she connected to The Cosmopolitan’s casino loyalty platform and employees. Due to her streamlined connection to customer data, once a customer proves his/her identity through Rose, she can then automatically tell the customer their points, tier level, how many points are needed to reach the next tier, current offers and more. When Rose is stumped, she transfers to casino service agents whose dashboard shows them the name of the customer and status as well. The agent can then text message back answers to customer questions.

“For our customers, it means having a close, personal VIP host at The Cosmopolitan,” says Evans. “And to us, it means providing a distinctly personalized, boutique level of service, at scale.” Currently four teams are connected to support Rose: Guest Services, Concierge, Casino Services and Resort Services.

New Website and Identity Membership & Rewards Integration
With 26 restaurants, 13 retail shops, a sprawling casino floor, three distinct pools, an array of entertainment experiences and more than two million Identity loyalty members, The Cosmopolitan is astonishingly connected. That is why the team sought to develop an online “system”, as opposed to a website which typically serves as a basic marketing page or booking engine. With these updates, the site has moved beyond a marketing platform and much like the brand and resort itself, encourages guests to explore more through intrigue with greater ease showcasing contemporary art, bold imagery and engaging campaign creative.

This new online system features:


  • Art from the new “Behind Closed Doors” campaign, featuring crisp, intriguing images.
  • Unique photo features with interesting crops and halo treatments, which encourage curious travelers to explore further without displaying the full picture.
  • A network of cloud-based APIs to feed art, copy and photography (content) and another that serves customer information.
  • A pattern lab and design system that dictates consistent designs and styles so customers are not required to relearn the look and feel with each new page.
  • Virtual hosts available via online chat to offer guests more information about their casino play, points earnings and promotional offers as well as upcoming stays and events at The Cosmopolitan.

Whereas many companies choose to create separate “rewards” websites for customers, The Cosmopolitan chose to integrate rewards into the entire experience, making it easier for customers to know how to use their point earnings, tier status and benefits when considering their next or current trip. “Our hope is that the way guests experience our digital platforms, inspires them to take advantage of all the benefits available through the ultimate insider’s club: Identity Membership,” says Evans.

Transforming teams
This digital transformation has also led to growth and job opportunities for employees. As Rose and online chat expanded, The Cosmopolitan trained its Guest Services, Concierge, Resort Services and Casino teams how to apply the skills learned on the phone and via email into text and chat based mediums. Also, a new Digital Guest Services Team was added to support initial incoming messages.

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