Contactless Payments Provider Tops 1M US Restaurant Transactions

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Launched in 2018, Up n’ go offers restaurants and diners seeking an easy-to-implement and user-friendly contactless payment service. In response to the pandemic, customers’ desire not to touch anything has risen from that-would-be-nice to must-have, and restaurants, hotels, casinos and theme parks are responding accordingly. Up n' Go began to soar in June and is now used in over 1,000 restaurants in 49 states including well-known restaurant chains P.F. Chang’s, True Food Kitchen, Ocean Prime, and Din Tai Fung. This month, Up n’ go surpassed one million transactions.          

In 2017, Touradj Barman,along with Matt Hoyt, the owner of  San Diego restaurant, Starlite, and web developer Scott Webber, got together to solve a problem that has been frustrating restaurant patrons and the hospitality industry for years: the checkout process.

Barman, Hoyt and Webber developed a mobile payment solution using Hoyt’s restaurant as a real-world environment to test and perfect their product. Starlite uses NCR Aloha as its restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system, which led Up n’ go to first becoming an official integration partner with Aloha, and more recently releasing a direct integration with Oracle’s Micros POS as well. The result is a highly efficient, user-friendly payment service that uses the technology found in almost everyone’s pocket.

Now, guests can scan a QR code on their check using their iPhone or Android camera, split their check among their party, and quickly pay on Up n’ go’s mobile site using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, or any major credit card, and leave without waiting for their server to return. Restaurant guests don’t have to download an app, register for an account, or provide any personal information to use Up n’ go – they just point their smartphone camera at a QR code on their check and they can pay in under 15 seconds.


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