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Connecting the Dots: How Integrating Technology Transforms Hotel Operations and Employee Engagement

In an era of digital transformation, connecting disparate systems through innovative tech solutions not only streamlines hotel operations but also enhances the employee experience, driving both productivity and satisfaction.

In the modern hospitality industry, effective communication among employees and streamlined operations are pivotal to success. During a HITEC 2024 educational session titled "Connect Your Tech Stack: Optimizing Hotel Operations and the Employee Experience," experts from Beekeeper, Resorts World Las Vegas and Pomeroy Lodging discussed how leveraging mobile app technology can help bridge gaps between various departments, enhancing both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

The Challenge of Fragmented Communication

In particular, panelists discussed how fragmented and disconnected the employee experience can be for on-property workers. For example, in addition to cleaning the room, a housekeeper might have to use digital or paper checklists, send text messages or use WhatsApp to communicate with team members and the manager, check a bulletin board or her personal email account for important work updates, etc. And it doesn’t get much better for managers who are often spending half of their day buried under administrative paperwork, unable to properly train and support staff members. 

“A fragmented experience is a major contributor to low employee engagement,” said Angie Parsons, Director of Product Marketing, Beekeeper. “It creates operational inefficiencies and lowers the manager’s visibility into the employee experience which in turn makes it really hard to improve productivity and staff morale. It prevents managers from knowing how to help, support and train staff members. And results in disengaged employees who are less productive, have lower quality of service, and are more likely to leave their organization.”

Resorts World Las Vegas: Digitizing Communication

While it may only be a few years old, Resorts World Las Vegas’ VP of Hotel Operations Shannon McCallum knew from the very beginning how important communication among team members and departments would be for the success of her property.

“We have more that 5,500 team members and digitizing communication ensures we get the right information to the right people at the right time. For example, if a restaurant is closed or if a large event is happening on property, that can be communicated and staffing can be easily scaled up or down based on the property’s needs,” she said.

But digitizing communication is a two-way street that allows management to see trends happening in real-time based on conversations staff are having with each other. For example, if housekeepers are repeatedly reporting issues with vacuum cleaners, maybe there’s a maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. 

Pomeroy Lodging: Beyond Communication

A connected tech stack, however, is so much more than a unified communication platform. For Pomeroy Lodging, helping staff members to navigate specific HR tasks is a very important benefit.

“We have our own homegrown HR system that we’re very dedicated to and put a lot of time and effort into it,” said Susie Goodwin, Director of System Applications, Pomeroy Lodging. “Our staff members earn a reward on their work anniversary at three, five, 10 and 15 years. Our employees are so dedicated to this reward system, that 30% of employees go online to pick out their reward at 12:05AM on the day of their anniversary. But even more importantly, these employees love to see their anniversary celebrated via our online platform where their colleagues can congratulate and celebrate with them.”

The integration of Pomeroy Lodging’s HR system with an employee communication platform allows employees to easily access their rewards, see their anniversary celebrated, and feel connected not just to their department but to the entire company.

“Team member appreciation is critical in our business, especially for retention,” McCallum agrees. 

Other HR specific options that Pomeroy is looking forward to using in the near future includes: a single repository for pay stubs, shift/schedule management and peer-to-peer recognitions.

Accountability and Standards at Resorts World Las Vegas

Meanwhile, Resorts World Las Vegas also uses their connected tech stack to not only digitize their standard operating procedures (SOP) but also to send out each SOP to team members and have them digitally acknowledge that they’ve read the document.

“Having that digital record is really important because it means we can hold team members accountable,” McCallum adds. “So, from appreciation to standards, having a connected tech stack really helps to streamline the business.”

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