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Competitive Edge

At the time we were finishing  this issue, the 2018 Winter Olympics were coming to a close. It’s hard not to get swept up in the pageantry, exhilaration, and the national pride. I was hoping that the Jamaican women’s bobsled team would have a better showing — I was ready for the female Cool Runnings!

Of course, inherent in the Olympics is the competition and I would also say — the data. Stats and analytics based on performance — personal bests, times to beat, world records — the data is staggering and a percentage point can be the difference between success and failure.  

This is not unlike what we see happening in the hospitality industry, as restaurants and hotels prioritize analytics to make better decisions for their brands in service and operations. The 2018 Restaurant Technology Study homes in on what a self-professed group of leaders in data and digital are doing differently and will be prioritizing in the year ahead. The findings reveal that data and analytics will play a prominent role in all technology initiatives. Having a holistic view of data in order to make appropriate and efficient actions will be the driving force behind IT decisions.   

Having access to key information and making appropriate decisions was a major point addressed in this month’s cover story with Gustaaf Schrils, the SVP & CIO of White Lodging Services. Schrils was brought on to lead the company after data breaches had left the management company shaken. He shares how a strategic restructuring better positions the company for succes. 

Just as Olympic athletes are hyper-focused on numbers — points earned and times — restaurants and hotels are becoming data-driven. In order to win, they have to be, and just as a split second can make the difference for an Olympian, leaving insights not acted upon can keep a brand off the winners’ podium.

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