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Cloud Technology Ensures Consistent Internet Access for Hotel

The New Victorian Inn & Suites properties owned and operated by The New Victorian Hotel Group, has installed MSI CloudPM™ with MSI CloudSync™ technology from Multi-Systems, Inc. (MSI) to improve daily hotel operations..
MSI offered a 30-day assessment of MSI CloudPM™ with the New Victorian Inn’s initial property installation in Lincoln, Nebraska this April. The management was excited to witness a large improvement in day-to-day operations in a short time.
Following the Lincoln installation, MSI worked alongside Mr. Hoehne as he strategically placed his general managers at the second property as training and implementation was underway, preparing his team for a smooth transition from old to new in the remaining four properties over a five-month period. (Norfolk, York, and Kearney, Nebraska and Sioux City, Iowa). The sixth property, purchased in Omaha during this period is slated for MSI CloudPM™ by October. 
The New Victorian Hotel initiated an aggressive search into web-based, remote-access SaaS hotel cloud technology when its antiquated system offered no further updates. The MSI CloudSync™ technology offered a simple “insurance policy” by preventing loss of production, time, and revenue at the properties. When Internet service is interrupted in the cloud, MSI CloudSync™ activates and MSI CloudPM™ continues to operate offline. When service returns, all information entered offline is automatically ‘synced’ as if there were no interruption.
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