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Cloud-Based Mobile PMS Allows Hotel to Service Guests Anywhere

Hotel Nikko San Francisco, the United States flagship hotel for Nikko Hotels International. Has implemented software solutions from StayNTouch Inc.
Hotel Nikko has deployed the StayNTouch Rover FrontOffice, a cloud overlay to the hotel’s existing PMS.  This enables hotel service agents to fully service guests anywhere the guest happens to be (check-in, check out, upgrade, etc.) via a mobile tablet experience.  Whether assisting guests during busy lobby times to avoid lines or checking in groups near the event space, the Hotel Nikko now has a truly mobile front desk.  Further, guests of the Hotel Nikko can be pre-engaged prior to arrival via their smartphones, enabling them to see pictures of rooms and receive upgrade offers and even enabling the guest to make service requests.  The guest can check in or check out via their smartphone in a PMS-integrated fashion, benefiting both the hotel and the guest.
The hotel has implemented two StayNTouch cloud-solutions on one platform:
Rover FrontOffice™:  Overlays on top of PMS bringing the front office functionality onto a mobile/tablet in a touch/graphic user experience.  Includes remote key encoding & secure credit card swipe featuring P2P encryption & tokenization.  Enables staff flexibility to service guests anytime, anywhere.  Line-busting. Zero training. 
Zest Web™:  Enables guest pre-engagement and mobile guest services via mobile web, no app needed.  Guest-enabled mobile check-in & out via smart phone or desktop.  Private labeled, PMS-integrated mobile check-in &/or checkout.  Review bill, preferences collected, upsell opportunities, remote key fulfillment.  Promote and monetize late checkouts.
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