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Church’s Chicken Ditches Legacy Systems


Church’s Chicken has selected Qu as its enterprise POS partner, powering omni-channel ordering for approximately 1,000 US-based Church’s Chicken locations. The decision is part of Church’s larger digital transformation initiative and ongoing quest to be the global franchisor of choice.

About one in four restaurants plan to make a similar move this year. According to HT's 2021 POS Software Trends Report, Accelerating Innovation, 25% of respondents plan to install POS software from a new vendor in 2021. 

Modernizing the Tech Stack

At the heart of Church’s selection of Qu was a strong desire to modernize its corporate technology stack while improving data access and sophistication, efficiencies and bottom-line costs for franchisees. With Qu’s digital-forward platform, Church’s users gain access to a unified POS for on- and off-premise orders—orchestrated via a single menu management system—enabling more informed data-driven marketing and better guest engagement opportunities.

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“Deploying the Qu POS system will help us remove technology barriers blocking our ease of operations and guest engagement,” said Dusty Profumo, EVP and Chief Financial Officer for Church’s Chicken. “We’re doubling down on new systems to give franchisees the best tools they need to be successful. Moving to Qu allows us to empower the other best-in-class vendors in our ecosystem. As an organization, we want to be more agile, collaborative, and help our operators drive top- and bottom-line growth.”

The RFP selection and vetting process was nearly two years in duration and included competitive evaluations of many enterprise POS systems, extensive in-lab reviews, and a 6-month pilot phase with select Church’s corporate and franchise locations. The refresh includes collaboration with Synergy Suite for Back Office, Bridg for Consumer Data & Loyalty, and HonorBuilt for hardware installation and support.

“Moving our technology systems off legacy software to modern, API-first solutions will help us collect and use valuable data, improving our marketing and sales intelligence, and ultimately providing more personalized experiences to our guests,” said Kerry Leo, Senior Director of Information and Technology for Church’s Chicken.

Enterprise restaurant operators are quickly seeking to transform their operations to take advantage of expanded off-premise and digital ordering channels to drive revenue in the face of the pandemic. Qu has redefined traditional POS constructs away from countertop systems and dated software into a more dynamic, flexible software approach. With Qu, operators benefit from increased levels of flexibility desperately needed to manage locations, data, menus, pricing, reports, employees, and more—across native and third party channels, for thousands of restaurants—all from one place.


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