Chockstone Loyalty Program Now Available Nationwide

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Chockstone Loyalty Program Now Available Nationwide


Chockstone Inc., a marketing and technology provider that enables merchants to change customer behavior to increase profitability, announces the widespread availability of the Chockstone Meet & Greet loyalty application. This offering promises to allow restaurant operators to personalize the customer experience from the moment a patron walks in the door. With one swipe of a customer's card, the Meet & Greet functionality provides restaurant managers, hosts and wait-staff with a full customer profile, immediately enabling a more personal experience within participating restaurants.

First available to select restaurants within the Chockstone customer portfolio in 2007, the Meet & Greet service has provided participating restaurants with an average frequency increase of 27 percent from enrolled guests year over year. Seven of Chockstone's restaurant brands currently use its Meet & Greet service to connect with customers, and have noted a significant increase in visits and spending.

The information returned on a receipt slip can include the customer name, "member since" date, customer status rating based on historical frequency, a last visited on date, menu preferences, discount eligibility, and instructions to the restaurant staff on how to best personalize the eating experience for the guest. Chockstone is currently rolling out Meet & Greet to its merchant network and expects several other brands to sign onto the service as part of their overall loyalty initiatives. As consumer discretionary funds dwindle in light of recent economic shifts, restaurants are leveraging loyalty programs as an innovative way to retain the current customer base.

Earlier this year, Chockstone introduced SingleSwipe to the market, a unique technology that enables merchants to build loyalty programs around credit and debit cards that consumers already carry in their wallets, track their customers' preferences and purchase history, and immediately provide savings and promotional offers that are most relevant to each individual customer.