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Cherokee Nation Entertainment Expands Use of RFID Multi-Property Uniform Management System

Cherokee Casino & Hotel Roland has installed the InvoTech Multi-Property Uniform Management System. This is the third Cherokee Nation gaming property to utilize the system. InvoTech’s Multi-Property Uniform System reduces uniform purchases by easily transferring inventory between multiple properties to make up shortages. The system’s reporting also facilitates centralized purchasing, which potentially leads to lower purchase prices. InvoTech is recognized globally for solutions that save casinos and other businesses time, labor and money.
InvoTech’s Multi-Property Uniform System lets Cherokee Nation Entertainment centrally manage uniform operation across three properties with custom reporting on uniform utilization. The system enables the company to transfer garments between properties to maintain optimum uniform standards throughout its operation without additional purchases. The InvoTech Uniform System manages all aspects of uniform operations. It monitors employee use and consistently delivers 25 percent savings in labor costs and a 5 percent reduction in ongoing purchases for most clients.
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