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CheckMate Expands Hotel Communication Partnerships

CheckMate, a platform for hotel communication, expanded its partnerships with several major Travel Management Companies (TMCs). CheckMate’s platform is now available to corporate and leisure travelers through direct relationships with Adelman, AmTrav, Christopherson Business Travel, Travel Incorporated and Travel and Transport.

Three of the 10 largest travel agencies are already using CheckMate technology, and many other top 50 travel agencies are following suit, including ALTOUR, Balboa Travel, BCD Travel, CTM (Corporate Travel Management), Gant Travel, Merit Travel, Travelcuts, Travel Solutions by Campbell and World Wide Travel Associates.  Additionally, CheckMate has been selected for Virtuoso Network’s Incubator Program.
The CheckMate platform enables agents to connect with their travelers the way each of their travelers connect with their world—via text, email, or the TMC’s app.
Through CheckMate, TMCs can offer round-the-clock VIP service to their travelers by facilitating more efficient, personalized communication with their hotel via a mobile device. TMCs and corporate travel departments can join the CheckMate platform for free through the end of 2015.
According to a recent GBTA Foundation Whitepaper, travel managers want hotels to invest in technology that helps their clients travel more efficiently. Among the most popular requests is the customizable, two-way communication via a mobile device that the CheckMate platform seamlessly provides. Most popular use cases cited by travel managers include:
?       Text trip details to traveler prior to check-in
?       Text the hotel once the plane lands and receive updates on transportation arrival time
?       Text or push notifications to provide room status, room number, and room-ready time
?       Text to book or request typical hotel services such as room service, spa appointments and housekeeping
CheckMate’s award-winning technology enables TMCs to differentiate their offerings by providing all of the aforementioned pre-stay and in-stay mobile services to clients. In addition, CheckMate partner hotels offer an express check-in experience, eliminating the wait at the front desk.
CheckMate’s hotel communications platform is a white-label service for TMCs, corporate travel managers, hotel distributors and travel software companies. Concur clients can connect to CheckMate via the Concur App Center.
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