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Checkers & Rally's Launches Guest-Driven Mobile App & Rewards Program

After rolling out a robust national delivery platform in 2019, the iconic drive-thru franchise teamed up with Paytronix to launch a mobile app and rewards program.
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Drive-thru chain Checkers & Rally's is rolling out a mobile app and loyalty program, allowing guests to place orders for delivery or pickup, earn exclusive rewards, find locations and more.

Checkers & Rally's rolled out a delivery platform in 2019 to offer a seamless ordering experience for its guests and make its franchisees' lives easier by managing third-party delivery services. The brand's fully integrated mobile app and rewards program was driven by guest feedback and is creating a new revenue stream for franchisees.

"For the last two years, we have been laser-focused on enhancing our eCommerce platform, for the benefit of our guests and our franchise owners," said Josh Buchmann, Senior Director of eCommerce & Guest Engagement for Checkers & Rally's. "...Our delivery program and our new app are incredibly easy to use and allow our guests to order our food how they want it, when they want it."

Checkers & Rally's conducted four different feedback surveys to find out exactly what its guests wanted in an app and used those insights to optimize the user experience. So what do guests want? Above all, they want an app that's simple to use and offers real, tangible rewards on every dollar spent while using it.

Upon downloading the app and signing up for the rewards program, Checkers & Rally's immediately rewards users with a free Classic Mother Cruncher chicken sandwich or Big Buford. From there, users can get 100 free points for referring friends to download the app, and the points will register as soon as they complete their visit. After that, each dollar spent banks the guest five points. Purchases made in-app immediately get banked into rewards points, and once the guest reaches 400 points, they automatically earn a $5 reward.

QR Codes

Checkers & Rally's stores will utilize QR codes on store windows and signage to allow guests to easily scan and download the app. Guests can also download the app by visiting the Google Play or Apple App store. Guests can browse the menu in the app and save their favorite combinations to easily reorder. The app also keeps track of coupons and special app-exclusive offers in a digital rewards wallet to save the guest money while keeping them loyal to their local store.

Checkers & Rally's partnered with Paytronix, who played a key role in developing the mobile application and loyalty program, as well as executing the customer research that is central to this program.

Checkers & Rally's projects that guests who use the app will visit the stores 10–20% more often. And when guests return, knowing that their dollars spent will go to rewards and future savings, the brand projects an additional 10–15% spent per order.

Checkers & Rally's already prided itself on delivering a better value than other quick service concepts, but the new loyalty app, powered by guests insights, shows the brand's continued commitment to eCommerce that makes dollars and sense for franchisees and guests alike.


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