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Casio Releases Flash Rom Touch POS Terminal

Casio America, Inc. announces the releases of the new POS/ECR flash ROM, touch terminal, the QT-6100. The QT-6100 is a new addition to Casio's flagship flash ROM touch terminal product line, which includes the QT-6000 terminal. The QT-6000, introduced four years ago, emerged from the joint software development efforts of Casio Computer Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries in America, UK and Germany to create a powerful touch screen terminal for hospitality and retail applications. To capitalize on the QT-6000's success, Casio has designed the QT-6100 to enhance the flash ROM touch terminal product line.

The QT-6100 enhancements include:

  • FTP Communications for multi-site owners wanting to get sales and program information to/from a central site to the stores in a reliable, inexpensive and quick fashion using an internet connection.
  • Credit Card Pre-Authorization for operations that allow customers to run tabs (bars & nightclubs). The customer's credit card is required once at the start of the transaction for authorization of a set dollar amount. As customer orders product it is deducted from the pre-authorized amount.
  • Interface to the NCI 6712 ounce scale for those operations such as yogurt, ice cream and candy that charge for their products by price per ounce.

The QT-6100 will offer many of the same hardware features found on the QT-6000 including:

  • High Resolution 12.1" touch display
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network port
  • Compact Flash Card Port
  • Multiple serial ports for peripheral connectivity including:
  • Scanner
  • Credit Card
  • Scale
  • Coin Dispenser
  • Printers
  • Remote Display

The QT-6100 software will also emulate many of the applications found on the QT-6000 such as graphical icons on keys, graphical split check screen, floating guest checks, add & transfer check functionality, time & attendance, scheduler function to automate operations based on time and day, mix & match discounting, customer names on check buttons, scanning and inventory to name a few.
The QT-6100 is positioned as an entry level system in Casio's product line below the current QT-6000. The price positioning of the QT-6100 provides Casio dealers the ability to offer an affordable solution to price conscience customers desiring the advantages of a touch screen solution for their business.

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