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Case Study: Ordermark Achieves Shorter Downtime and Improved Customer Service on Esper

Ordermark enables restaurants to scale online ordering by consolidating orders from third party platforms into just one tablet. When their MDM fell short, they turned to Esper to help them future-proof online ordering. Now Ordermark can flexibly deploy different types of devices, better support customers in the field, and integrate customized solutions to meet their customers’ needs.
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The Challenge

In 2020 restaurants had to digitize or die, and Ordermark offered a lifeline. But as demand for their services grew with increased food delivery needs, the devices in use fell short. 

Ordermark's tablets were facing end-of-life issues as the manufacturer planned to end production of that specific model. Since they managed their tablets with an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution tied to the tablet’s brand manufacturer, both the hardware they provided to restaurants and the device management software were locked in with one company. And their MDM wasn’t going to work the same way on new tablets, meaning they would need to create new internal processes and retrain their staff. Not to mention, there was no guarantee this issue wouldn’t come up again in a few years at the next device’s end of life.

With their previous MDM, the team also experienced a cumbersome setup, which meant they had to be in-store to help customers in the initial setup process. Also, with a rigid structure for setting user permissions and no option for remote device control, front-line customer service representatives had few resources for supporting restaurants with technical issues. Bruce Crenshaw, Ordermark's Director of Hardware, explained, “We were limited in how we could issue permissions settings, and there was no option for remote control of devices. So our customer support team didn’t have the tools they needed to fix issues in real-time,” he said. “We needed a solution that works both for us and our customers. Our customers depend on these devices to operate their businesses every single day."

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The Solution

Ordermark chose Esper for the ability to customize, and pricing that’s in line with competitors – but with more functionality. But beyond out-of-the-box functionality, they also needed an innovative, flexible development partner who could support them in the long term. Crenshaw noted, "Traditional MDMs are only built for employee device use, but we also needed a solution for the devices we’re sending to our customers. Esper’s Android expertise is a game-changer. Because that expertise is at their core, they can truly provide us with a technology partnership."

With services and offerings rapidly growing, they needed solutions to optimize customer support and future-proof their platform and devices. Esper provided the following solutions: 

  • No-touch deployment with a customized APK
  • Tooling for increased flexibility and the ability to deploy at scale
  • Customized integration with their Salesforce application 
  • Remote viewing for debugging and training
  • Support with custom device manufacturers

The Results

Within just two months after starting talks, Ordermark switched to Esper and hasn’t looked back. Because device end-of-life concerns are no longer an issue with Esper, they could continue using the devices in the field and also work with a custom device manufacturer which Esper partners with to provide imaging for no-touch deployment. This saves time in setting up new clients, and restaurants receive working devices out of the box. CEO Alex Canter noted, "With Esper, we can deploy devices at scale to customers with varying levels of tech expertise and internet connectivity - the tablets just work out of the box - and updates happen seamlessly. Without Esper, we would be spending a lot of time providing tech support to chefs who would rather be in the kitchen turning out food for customers!"

And with thousands of devices in the field and more on their way to market, Ordermark is now saving time and money because of customized permissions settings and application integration. Through remote viewing, first-tier customer support agents can provide immediate solutions.

About Esper

Esper provides seamless end-to-end management of dedicated devices within a stable, scalable, and flexible infrastructure. With robust capabilities for device lockdown, kiosk mode, remote control, over-the-air updates, deployment pipelines, and more, organizations can automate standard device operations and focus on innovation.

Regularly shipping software is essential for implementing customer feedback and creating customized experiences. Esper’s device infrastructure enables developers, mid-market organizations, and enterprise fleets of 100,000+ devices to deliver their software as a service regardless of hardware. Esper has rapidly growing global customer adoption among some of the world’s most innovative major brands in retail, hospitality, logistics, healthcare, education, and more.

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