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Case Study: Chopt Creative Salad Co. Grows Revenue & Efficiency with Bite Kiosks

Chopt’s digital sales were on the rise, but they needed to create a new environment tailored to efficient digital ordering.
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Chopt, a well-known fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in salads and healthy food options, embarked on a journey to enhance its digital ordering and pickup experience specific to digital-only concepts. Even before the pandemic, the company noticed that a significant portion of its sales were through digital channels, but their existing in-store digital ordering options were not yet optimized for this growing trend, says Tom Licitra, SVP Strategy & Technology at Founders Table Restaurant Group, which operates Chopt. 

The Challenge

Chopt’s digital sales were on the rise, but they needed to create a new environment tailored to efficient digital ordering. The absence of a dedicated digital ordering and pickup system within the store created operational challenges for their teams and an opportunity to improve customer experience. Chopt initiated a search for a solution that could simplify operations, enhance the digital ordering experience, and reduce buildout costs for new locations.

While the company had some success with promoting order-ahead options and basic kiosk systems, it became clear that a significant portion of customers preferred not to download an app or scan a QR code. 

This prompted the need for an in-store ordering solution that could offer the same high-quality experience as their Chopt App and website. As Chopt’s digital-only model evolved, they sought a kiosk partner capable of handling their complex menu, integrating seamlessly with their existing technology stack, and delivering a branded experience to their customers.

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The Solution: Bite

Bite emerged as the ideal solution for these challenges, meeting the specific requirements Chopt had in mind. The partnership began in 2021, and since then, they have continuously worked together to refine the user experience and strengthen integrations. Currently, Chopt has Bite kiosks deployed in 13 restaurants across five states.

Implementation Process

The implementation of Bite kiosks at Chopt locations spanned approximately three months from project kickoff to deployment at the first location. This process involved standard menu setup, sharing brand assets, and planning equipment. Additionally, it involved custom feature enhancements such as substitution pricing and item-specific modifier group customizations.

Given Chopt’s menu complexity, comprising over 80 individual ingredients across more than 30 items with intricate pricing rules, Bite's menu management tool was put to the test. At each stage of implementation, Bite provided robust solutions, ensuring a seamless and efficient transition.

Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The partnership with Bite has yielded significant results for Chopt Salad:

1. Revenue Growth: The Bite kiosks are now responsible for generating 30-40% of revenue at digital-only locations, demonstrating their effectiveness in driving sales.

2. Increased Sales per Order: Chopt Salad has observed a 5-10% higher sales per entree through kiosk orders compared to in-store orders placed with cashiers. This indicates that Bite kiosks have not only streamlined the ordering process but have also contributed to upselling.

3. Efficiency and Speed: The direct integration between Bite and Chopt Salad's custom Kitchen Display System has proven highly efficient, keeping ticket times under 5 minutes for kiosk orders. This speed ensures a prompt and satisfying customer experience.

4. Brand Introduction: Most importantly, the partnership with Bite has enabled Chopt to introduce new customers to their brand, emphasizing food quality and menu customizability without requiring a full front-of-house service line. This enhanced guest experience fosters brand loyalty and customer retention.

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