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CAKE Relaunches with Rewards Dining App

CAKE said it is relaunching to become a full-suite dining app with rewards. CAKE first launched as a mobile payment technology in May 2015, but it now the app lets users easily find and book places to go, split the bill, pay by phone and earn immediate credit back.

In partnership with CAKE’s venues, the app’s new rewards program benefits users similar to how a universal cashback program does, where users can earn credit and then spend it across all CAKE venues. Credit can also be spent however a user may choose – either saving it up to splurge on a big night out or just spending it as they earn it. With CAKE, there’s no fuss, no need for storing coupons or codes, and because of CAKE’s payment technology, the rewards deliver tangible value to a user immediately.

The program allows venues to choose when and where they can offer credit percentages, helping them drive business at the times they want with a level of reactiveness and flexibility they didn’t have previously.

"CAKE frees up our floor and bar staff from taking multiple payments whilst giving the customer a fun and innovative experience," said Alex Potter, Owner of The Rum Kitchen. "We then work with CAKE to understand our customers better and keep them coming back. The staff also love it due to the great benefits."
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