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Burger Restaurant Cuts Line Times in Half with mPOS

Butcher and the Burger, a Chicago-based specialty “build your own burger” restaurant has deployed a mobile POS solution from Infinite Peripherals, Inc. (IPC) and Digital Dining. Using DD Mobile Digital Dining software along with the Infinite Peripherals Infinea Tab® 2 device for the Apple® iPad® 2, the restaurant has cut its line times in half, improved customer service and developed a more streamlined reporting process.
The DD Mobile software and Infinea Tab provide Butcher and the Burger with a simple, clean interface that allows the restaurant to customize orders properly and easily read them back to customers, ensuring order accuracy. For example, an “instructions” option can be used for requests such as “light salt” or “do not toast bread.”
Although orders normally are taken at the counter, staff easily can process them from customer tables via the mPOS-enabled iPad, as needed. Also, training new hires on the system is easy, as most people are familiar with iOS technology.
Reporting is seamless with the Digital Dining/Infinite Peripherals mPOS system, which tracks hourly/daily sales, inventory, employee clock-ins/clock-outs, labor reports, pay periods and more. And the system offers many reports that are critical to Butcher and the Burger in terms of backend and financial operations.
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