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Burger King New Zealand Launches Loyalty & Couponing App

Burger King New Zealand has launched its first-ever mobile loyalty and couponing platform powered by Tillster, Inc. Developed in partnership with Burger King local master franchisee, Antares Restaurant Group Limited, the platform showcases hyper-local offerings and provides customers with personalized, rewards-based, opportunities to save.
New Zealand customers can now engage with Burger King at home and on the go, utilizing special coupons based on user preferences and redemptions of “crowns” that accumulate with each purchase. Burger King guests can elect to “save” crowns and get a higher value item or redeem quickly and start earning toward their next redemption. Adding further flexibility, the application rewards customers with each visit and uses coupons to drive behaviors at certain times or around certain products.
In addition, users will be receiving messages through Tillster’s new Mobile Engagement Tool, which allows Burger King to send “smart” and personalized messages to guests to drive engagement. In addition to being personalized to their food choices and name, the tool is also able to send these messages at times that guests are most likely to engage with the app, increasing usage and, ultimately, satisfaction.
“This first step into personalizing transaction level data, allowing us to connect 1 to 1 with our growing customer base, is the first step in becoming the most connected QSR brand in the market. Further innovative digital experiences will bring both functional customer benefits as well as the ability to connect the brand in a more emotive way to existing and new customers,” said James Woodbridge, GM Marketing, Antares Restaurant Group, Ltd. “And, by rewarding frequent customers with relevant and customized incentives to come back, we can better understand guest behaviors for future programs.”
Available now via iOS and Android, the Burger King New Zealand ordering app offers a consistent user experience across various channels – including the web, mobile devices and tablets.
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