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Burger King Franchise Uses Automated Management System to Ensure Employee Safety

Employees are less likely to suffer from slips, falls, burns or strains at nineteen Burger Kings because Republic Foods found a better way to handle cooking oil in its franchise restaurants. Republic Foods installed an automated oil management system from Restaurant Technologies, Inc.® (RTI). Now, employees enjoy easily managing the restaurant oil – because it can be added, filtered and disposed of, even while hot, without ever needing to touch a drop.
Prior to installing the automated RTI system, employees changed out used cooking oil by manually removing it from the fry vats, pouring it into barrels and carrying the barrels outside to a grease trap behind the restaurant. It was difficult work and full of potential dangers: splashing hot oil, slick floors from spills and the potential for injuries from handling heavy oil jugs.
With the RTI closed-loop oil handling system, safety standards have been elevated because employees can now easily dispose of used oil by pressing a button. Adding fresh oil to fryers is easy too – employees simply use an oil-filler wand to add new oil. The RTI oil management system is comprised of two tanks – one for fresh oil and one for waste oil – and a secure fill box mounted to the exterior of each restaurant.
While RTI helps keep Burger King kitchens clean and employee safer, it also offers data on oil usage. The RTI Web-based Total Oil Management (TOM) portal provides Burger King decision-makers with store-level visibility into oil-related activities such as daily usage and optional filtration monitoring tracking, thus optimizing oil usage and ensuring consistent fried food quality.

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