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Breezeway Connects Advanced Messaging Functionality to Its Property Operations Platform

Breezeway, a property operations and service platform for hospitality professionals, has significantly upgraded its guest texting functionality, closely connecting the SMS tool to its existing operations software in anticipation of the summer vacation rental season. 

Successful guest communications continue to be critical to delivering short-term rental experiences, as Breezeway’s recent 2021 Property Operations Report has shown. Texting is a key part of this proactive guest communication: 74% of short-term rental providers plan to text guests throughout their stay, looking to differentiate their brand through personalized client service. 

Breezeway’s SMS messaging tools are now more predictive and powerful than ever, enabling hospitality professionals to do more to stay on top of issues, drive additional value for guests, and create more revenue opportunities. 

Specifically, Breezeway’s messaging service integrates with over 30 PMS systems and IoT devices to automatically pull over reservation, property details, and guest contact information in real-time. Data is then organized into one central portal where managers have visibility across everything they need to monitor, flag, respond, and triage guest text messages. Messages can be sent in bulk to multiple recipients at once (by leveraging filters like location, amenities, check-in dates, etc.), but can also be used for back-and-forth communication to provide guests with VIP vacation experiences. 

Unlike many generic messaging tools, as Breezeway’s messaging product is closely tied to its operations hub, it can drive even more efficiencies for managers. For example, Breezeway’s tech smartly identifies any vacant nights between reservations in properties, and automatically sends stay extension offers to both departing and arriving guests. This not only creates more value for clients, but managers are generating upwards of $7,000 additional revenue per month.

Just as valuable is the ability to automate operational workflows through guest messages. After a guest submits an issue or request, managers can assign work orders to field staff and contractors directly from the message view, and then send real-time status updates on maintenance repairs, linen delivery, or custom concierge back to the guest. Clients are seeing a 4x boost in positive reviews, leading to more repeat stays and a better brand reputation.

“Vacation rental managers are looking to differentiate themselves from their competition and deliver more value to their guests as we head into peak season,” says Jeremy Gall, Founder & CEO of Breezeway. “It’s a great moment for us to introduce v2 of our messaging tools after having such positive feedback about the functionality so far. We are confident that our messaging tools will help operators elevate their brand and service levels.”

“Around 10% of our guests had issues that we found out about in the review/feedback process,” said Ashley Kubiszyn, CEO of River Ridge Rentals. “With Breezeway messaging, this happens in just 1% of stays. Breezeway is one of the best, if not the best, SaaS company in the vacation rental space, and we’ve truly enjoyed working with them.”

Since launching its messaging service, Breezeway’s customers have sent over 1M SMS texts to their guests. Property managers can find out how much they could save with the messaging tools through an interactive ROI calculator on the Breezeway website. For more information on Breezeway and its property operations and servicing platform, visit

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