Branch Launches Employer Payments Platform for Businesses to Accelerate Payments

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Branch launched its Employer Payments Platform (EPP) to help businesses accelerate payments. Branch created the platform to provide an integrated solution for businesses seeking faster, more reliable ways to move money to employees instantly.

Traditional payment methods are slow and costly for both businesses and employees. The Branch EPP provides employers and technology partners a faster, free solution to deliver on-demand payments and empower their employees with tools including digital payouts of tips, wages, and other disbursements, earned wage access, fee-free banking, and paycard alternative. Branch allows businesses to automate processes, reduce payroll costs, remove logistical burdens and cash flow concerns, and support employees with free financial services.

Open API

The EPP’s open APIs enable both real-time data transfer and an integrated experience within an employer or technology partner’s platform. HR, payroll, and IT platform Rippling is the most recent partner to adopt the solution, embedding the Branch EPP into its platform to offer its customers an integrated paycard alternative along with the ability to provide faster onboarding, payments, and fee-free banking to employees. The integration delivers a continuous user experience so that customers can manage and operate these tools all within the Rippling portal.

"No one should have to deal with cash or physical paychecks in a pandemic," said Matt Macinnis, COO of Rippling. "We're thrilled to be partnering with Branch to give hourly workers safe, easy access to the wages they've earned. Now customers can automatically enroll and bank their employees in Rippling."

As on-demand payments become an essential component of payroll processes, Branch has made it simple for employers to integrate the comprehensive platform directly into their technology stack or adopt through their current HR, POS, and payroll solutions thanks to Branch’s network of partners including Rippling, UKG, Servant Systems, ProPoint Solutions’ SuperSalon, and RASI. Branch’s award-winning suite of tools is constantly evolving, enhancing a partner’s platform offerings. SOC 2 compliant, Branch has built an easy, secure way to reduce payroll costs, automate processes, and support both W2 and 1099 employees.

The Branch Employment Payments Platform is available immediately through select partners and general sign-up. To sign-up for the platform or for more information, visit

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