BigHoller Aims to Ease Burden of Integrating Online Ordering at the POS

BigHoller introduces BigHollerPOSConnect to both local and international clients. This will give POS companies reliability and reduce POS integration costs for restaurant owners.

BigHollerPOSConnect is a standardized way of exporting restaurant menus and orders in a simple and easy-to-read XML file for Point of Sales companies. By doing this and standardizing order outputs, POS companies need only build one module that any online ordering company can export to.

Currently, each online ordering company has to build its own proprietary integration module, spending months in development, and even longer in testing. This equates to lost sales for a restaurant waiting to exploit the Internet market. Because the online ordering companies are generally not as accustomed to the POS software as the POS companies themselves, testing becomes a long and resource-draining process on both sides. All of this is reflected in the final cost being thousands of dollars more pasted onto the restaurant clients.

Now with BigHollerPOSConnect, one module built by those who know the POS software best can handle any online ordering system in a standardized and reliable way. Less time can be dedicated to development and thus, less development cost passed down the clients! Restaurant clients also are no longer locked to only one online ordering system anymore because with a BigHollerPOSConnect module, any online ordering service can work with their POS system.

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