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Big Data Mobile BI and Performance Management Dashboards Yield Faster Decisions

NORTHWIND provider of Maestro Enterprise Property Management hotel software and reservation software solutions for the industry’s leading independent hotel, resorts, and multi-property groups, announced its new Mobile Business Intelligence System with wireless handheld and tablet remote access. The new Maestro Mobile BI with Management Dashboards gives single and multi-property hoteliers instant drill-down access to the “why” behind the numbers.   
NORTHWIND merged mobile technology with business intelligence (BI) and data visualization to empower operators and managers to run their businesses more profitably. The world is becoming more mobile as operators and managers travel more. What manager does not want to achieve faster "time-to-information" and shorter "time-to-decision?" Maestro’s Mobile Management Dashboard gives busy executives the ability to maximize their property or hotel group’s performance wherever they are.
NORTHWIND provides single hotels and multi-property operators with easy-to-use Management Dashboards for handhelds and tablets. Maestro’s database collects and holds information from its 20 property modules as well as from third-party systems interfaced to Maestro. It combines the data to give hoteliers graphic, mobile-optimized data views for business decisions based on real information. NORTHWIND provides multi-property companies the same capability with its Corporate Export Module that aggregates data from multiple Maestro and third party PMSes and interfaced systems into one readily-accessible data mart.
Maestro’s new Mobile BI delivers comprehensive property and hotel group performance data to desktops and tablets via 4G wireless next-gen displays. The system provides customizable, highly effective ways to evaluate information that results in improved productivity and profitability. For example, operators can see real-time revenue performance by market segment, geographic region, rate packages, RevPAR by day of the week, season, reservation source, and virtually an unlimited combination of data.
Maestro real-time Mobile BI lets operators respond to changes before they become trends
Property owners and managers want greater control and 360 visibility into hotel operations. Maestro Mobile Management Dashboard delivers it with 24/7 access to real-time permission-based data for on-the-spot decisions. Maestro lets hoteliers monitor operational processes and review KPIs anywhere. The Maestro Mobile Management Dashboard wirelessly connects operators with their Maestro system so they can respond to performance changes before they become trends. 
NORTHWIND provides 17 pre configured easy-to-use views for accessing and visualizing data. The flexible Maestro data views also give operators the ability to create custom ad hoc drill down data access that shows the sources of the data. This crucial data availability gives operators the ‘why’ behind their property performance so they have complete understanding of all factors that create performance. Maestro places this powerful data tool in the palm of your hand.
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