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b.good Implements MonkeyMedia Software to Grow Catering Efforts

MonkeyMedia Software said it signed an agreement with Boston-based b.good to implement MONKEY, a cloud platform for takeout, delivery and catering. MONKEY will be used support b.good's strategic catering efforts moving forward. The software will launch throughout the 40+ unit chain comprised of mostly franchised units in the United States and Canada.
The MONKEY platform is a comprehensive web-based solution for takeout, delivery and catering channels and includes:
  • Online / Mobile-web/Phone-in Ordering for Catering, Delivery and Takeout
  • Customer facing experience for online and mobile-web to match your online presence
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Order Management – Load balancing of orders
  • Integrated Accounting - House Accounts, Manage A/R, Deposits, Credits, etc.
  • Customer Case Management
  • Catering Orders Production Management
  • Catering Sales Team and Lead Management Tools
  • Delivery Management Tools
  • Advanced Delivery Management via Bringg
  • Credit Card Gateway Interface to Credit Card Processor of choice
  • POS Integration
  • Enterprise and Local Restaurant Reporting
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Loyalty Partner interface
  • Licensing support for United States Patent Nos. 6,384,850; 6,871,325, 6,982,733 and 8,146,077
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