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The Belfry Hotel & Resort Partners with For-Sight to Provide CRM and Insights Solution

The Belfry Hotel & Resort said it has partnered with For-Sight (a Forth Communication Limited brand) to enhance its guest relationships, by implementing For-Sight’s Guest Engagement CRM and Marketing solution.

After a 6-month successful proof of concept period, The Belfry Hotel & Resort has chosen the For-Sight Guest Engagement, CRM and Marketing solution to drive forward its marketing and communication strategy.

“For-Sight’s team worked tirelessly with us to understand our operations and to make sure that their solution allowed us to maximize the use of data within the resort,” said Gail Aldridge, Marketing Director at The Belfry Hotel & Resort. “For-Sight’s solution offers us a single view of our guests, as well as access to bespoke reporting and dashboard suites. This rich source of data will help us enhance our relationships with our guests, through insights and personalized guest communications as we move into the post-pandemic recovery phase for our industry.”

For-Sight Guest Engagement is a data focused CRM solution offering the tools and insights to deliver personalized guest communications, allowing operators to build and enhance the guest experience, identify opportunities and drive loyalty.

In addition to the large variety of amenities available to guests, The Belfry Hotel & Resort has its unique signature: award-winning golf courses and a reputation of excellence in golf tourism, attracting guests from all over the world. As well as providing their core CRM solution, For-Sight has also developed a bespoke Business Intelligence system that brings together the most relevant data to realize effective guest relationship management, provide operational insights, while ensuring the highest standards in data security and compliance.

“After a successful proof of concept, we are delighted to be working with The Belfry Hotel & Resort to help them achieve their goals as the industry looks ahead to a time post-pandemic.” said For-Sight CEO & Co-founder, Allan Nelson. “The Belfry is a recognised and highly respected brand globally and we are committed to supporting the entire team in delivering the world-class experience they’re known for, by allowing them to make decisions and execute their strategies based on clean, actionable data”.

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