Bbot Raises $15M

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Bbot, a hospitality tech startup dedicated to simplifying and improving the ordering and payments process for restaurants,  announces $15 million in Series A funding led by CRV. To date, Bbot has raised a total of $22.3 million. The investment allows Bbot to continue building its e-commerce platform and meet the rapidly growing demand from developers looking to code their own extensions and applications.

Bbot was founded in 2017 to help restaurants, bars and other customers in the hospitality industry simplify their operations with in-venue and online ordering. Bbot's innovative platform has allowed restaurants and similar small and independent hospitality businesses to remain resilient and adapt to sudden changes accelerated by the pandemic such as the shift to contactless ordering and payments. At MURTEC 2020, Bbot was a finalist in RTN's Start Up Alley.

As the industry navigates worker shortages, the Bbot platform also has the ability to help operators retain and attract employees thanks to its intuitive interface that makes dining experiences more convenient and efficient.  

In the last year, the company added over 700 customers and reached 85 employees across 14 states, seeing 700% year-over-year growth. This funding will help grow Bbot's platform based on the requests and needs of current customers, including new point of sale and loyalty integrations. The company will also focus on features for food halls and virtual brands, further establishing Bbot as the platform of choice for these operators. In addition, the investment will help Bbot finalize and ultimately launch a self-service Bbot app store, which will allow developers to immediately get started using Bbot's existing platform to code their own extensions and apps.

Because technology preferences may differ depending on the setting, the platform will cater to a range of casual dining experiences across the hospitality sector, from bars and breweries to food halls and hotels. In some settings, this might mean sitting with your friends while ordering from your smartphone without ever having to walk up to the counter – in others, ordering room service from your smartphone rather than the television or waiting to be redirected by the front desk.

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