Backbar Offers 6 Months With No Fees to Help Restaurants 

Backbar is providing its entire software suite of tools with no fees for six months to all of its current 3,300 bar and restaurant customers and any new bar or restaurant operator who signs up prior to June 15.

Bars and restaurants need assistance to strengthen their recovery from the impact of COVID-19. Backbar’s software provides the necessary tools to help increase profitability, manage costs and preserve cash flow. By offering free access to all Backbar subscription plans, restaurant and bar operators who take advantage can streamline their beverage operations and be in a stronger position to recover when business reopens.

Backbar also provides a basic plan that is free and is always available to any bar or restaurant to manage their inventory and purchasing. Operators who sign up for six months free of Backbar’s subscription plans can always switch to the basic plan at any time, so there is no obligation to pay for future service during or after this challenging time.


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