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Avaya Debuts In-Room Concierge Solution Suite: Houdini – Guest Experience

Avaya announced the debut of its in-room concierge solution suite, Houdini – Guest Experience, at HITEC Toronto. Developed by Arowana Consulting, Houdini leverages the Avaya Breeze Client SDK to enable in-room concierge services on the Avaya Vantage Device, the innovative, all-glass desktop device that combines the convenience of a desktop phone with the flexibility of an application platform.

Houdini – Guest Experience is a first-of-its-kind solution suite for in-room automation aimed at hoteliers to enhance a guest’s stay, comfort level and access to services. When leveraging the Breeze Client SDK, Houdini provides a variety of features via the touchscreen on the Vantage Device.  Controlling hotel room IoT items such as in-room lighting, temperature and drapes, and managing entertainment and media, can all be done via automated interfaces.  

The open integration and extensibility of Breeze Client SDK makes it easy for hoteliers to personalize Vantage for their guests’ experience with solutions such as Houdini. With its large touchscreen display, no visible mechanical buttons, and sleek all-glass design, Vantage modernizes the guest’s in-room experience by:
  • Enticing guests to eat at hotel restaurants, or at the touch of the screen, order room service utilizing a friendly on-screen menu;
  • Displaying the hotel’s many services and conveniences on an intuitive, friendly user interface that can then be easily enabled via click-to-book and click-to-call; 
  • Replacing any existing guest room phone for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Enabling a convenient button to quickly and easily reach a live person from the hotel staff;
  • Extending the hotel Wi-Fi by proving an additional light duty access point with the same network ID as the hotel Wi-Fi system.

Arowana is one of many developers worldwide who have taken advantage of Avaya’s ongoing commitment to open platforms and built or enabled their own solutions to address vertical industry-specific IoT use cases. The easy-to-use Breeze platform provides a common, developer-friendly SDK to quickly build or enable innovative user experiences based on the full reach of Avaya customer and team engagement capabilities. Any and all functionality Avaya integrates into its own applications is available to developers through the SDK. Using this level of powerful integration, developers can mix and match contact center and unified communications functionality to create or enable solutions that improve the speed, convenience and efficiency of human-to-human, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications in any type of business or industry.

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