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AURES Now Offers WiFi Handheld Order Terminal

AURES proudly presents Wéo by POSLIGNE, a new mobile handheld WiFi terminal allowing waiters, waitresses (in hotels and restaurants for example) and staff in any kind of retail outlet or point of service to note and forward orders remotely.

Easy to program and use, Wéo runs Windows CE, has an excellent WiFi range and plenty of battery life. Its colour touchscreen, with outstanding dimensions and superb screen resolution for optimum ergonomics, allows on-screen information and menus to be viewed either vertically or horizontally (in portrait or landscape formats).

Mobile Wéo order terminals can be handheld or worn on a belt, and come with a dedicated strap attachment.

The IP 67-compliant unit can withstand heavy impacts and falls, as well as all types of dust and dirt; the hermetic case is fully waterproof and can even survive being submerged in water.

WiFi technology enables continuous, real-time data exchange between remote Wéo units and the till point(s) EPoS system(s) to which they are connected.

In addition, several mobile Wéo devices can be linked to each till and management system in a bar, restaurant or any other retail or service outlet. This optimises till, receipt and bill printing functions, which can all be handled remotely.

Wéo enables significant gains in efficiency and speed, making it a vital tool for mobile order-taking in the hotel and catering industry, takeaway sales and the retail world in general.

Wéo's key features

  • high-performance WiFi coverage
  • outstanding screen dimensions and resolution
  • menus available in "landscape" or "portrait" format
  • ergonomic shape, easy to use and to handle
  • comes complete with strap and stylus
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available
  • maximum battery time per recharge: 16 hours
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