ASKA Hotel Group Sees 9% Increase in Direct Sales After Using Guest Feedback Platform

The ASKA Hotel Group is located in Antalya, Turkey, and currently operates three all-inclusive, luxury hotels: ASKA Lara Resort & Spa, ASKA Just in Beach and ASKA Washington Resort. The chain is eager to expand and plans to open five additional properties in 2017.

For ASKA Hotels, Turkish hospitality, a peaceful family environment and high quality service and guest satisfaction are top priorities. To monitor and improve in these areas, ASKA Hotels started using the TrustYou guest feedback platform in 2014. Since then, it said it has benefitted from deep guest insights, improved scores and detailed competitor analysis.

For example, the hotel links significant improvements to the on-site guest experience and a better online reputation directly to TrustYou Analytics, the tool it uses to analyze, monitor and respond to guest feedback from all channels. ASKA Hotels also uses TrustYou’s Meta-Review, verified review summaries, which are embedded into flagship website of ASKA Lara Resort & Spa.

“TrustYou provides us a better understanding of where we stand both internally and in relation to our competitors," said Cuneyt Cakalel, general manager, ASKA Hotels. "With a deeper insight into our guest’s needs, the platform helps us to manage pricing, compete with the market and increase our score and performance effectively.”

According to ASKA Hotels, its overall score increased by 9% in only 2 years from 85 (2013) to 92 (2015); its response rate increased from 30% (2014) to 89% (June 2016); and in 2015, 96% of all guest reviews were positive.

Due to continuous improvements based on guest feedback, sentiment scores increased across all categories in 2015 compared to 2014:
  • Food by 12 % from 79 to 89
  • Service by 12% from 82 to 92
  • Room cleanliness by 11% from 81 to 90
  • Vibe by 10% from 77 to 84

“We use TrustYou’s data points to make important decisions in both operations and management," said Selim Imre, Rooms Division Manager. "The detailed reports are evaluated on a weekly basis to [help us] identify and immediately react to occurring deficiencies and to maintain high quality service levels. Due to a detailed comp set analysis, we also can account for our top competitors and be one step ahead at all times.”

Replying to guest reviews is a high priority for ASKA Hotels and active response management increased the response rate from 30% (2014) to 89% (June 2016). Successful online reputation management also showed immediate results. ASKA Hotels’ overall score increased by 9% from 85 (2013) to 92 (2015), which was helped by continuously managing, responding to and acting upon guest reviews.

A close evaluation of sentiment scores and impact scores by category helps ASKA Hotels to identify shortcomings or areas for improvement. Additionally, Each department at ASKA Hotels has a specific set of KPIs that need to fulfilled throughout the year. Goals for each department are checked every 6 months. Successful implementation of goals is linked to a reward system for employees. With these two strategies in place, ASKA Hotels managed to improve or maintain its sentiment scores across all categories. Major improvements between 2014 and 2015 were identified in the following areas:

  • Food by 12 % from 79 to 89
  • Service by 12% from 82 to 92
  • Room cleanliness by 11% from 81 to 90
  • Vibe by 10% from 77 to 84

ASKA Hotels also bases major decisions and investments on the feedback of its guests. In the last two years, major investments took place after carefully considering guest feedback, sentiments, and scores, including:

  • Infrastructural changes in the main restaurant at Lara Resort & Spa with a new buffet area
  • Increases number of sunbeds by 30% to create additional capacity during high season
  • Additional staff hired to provide better service
  • Menu improved and adapted to cater better to different tastes
  • Room cleanliness improved after hiring more staff

Additionally, the ASKA Hotel Group embedded the TrustScore and complete Meta-Review into its flagship website, ASKA Lara Resort & Spa.

“We see the value of displaying the Meta-Review and TrustScore on our website," Imre said. "Though most of our competitors only focus on TripAdvisor, we decided to add the TrustScore to show that we are performing well across all sources worldwide. It is a valuable, unbiased piece of information that increases our brand value and entices travelers to book direct.”

ASKA Hotels said it plans to expand its hotel chain and uses TrustYou data to assess more than 20 hotels across Europe. Key indicators were performance of the properties, sentiment scores, specific features of the buildings and a general overview where the hotels stand based on guest reviews.

Putting an emphasis on feedback and reputation management has an impact on revenue. ASKA witnessed a 9% increase in direct sales during the last 2 years.

"Having an increase in RevPar of direct sales when we are having such turbulent times in Turkey is an unique and precious success," Cakalel says.

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