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ArrowStream Announces Inventory QuickStart as Critical Supply Management Strategy for Operators

Supply chain software provider ArrowStream, Inc. introduces Inventory QuickStart, a solution that provides restaurant supply chain teams with greater visibility into their distributor inventory levels to better navigate through supply chain disruptions and help them succeed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Developed for restaurant chain operators of all sizes, ArrowStream's Inventory QuickStart provides critical and consolidated visibility into distributor inventory and inbound purchase order activity to anticipate and proactively manage around inventory stock outs and surpluses, ingredient or product substitutions, changing distributor delivery patterns, and unpredictable consumer traffic at a hyper-local level.

"We would not have been able to do what we needed during the COVID-19 pandemic without ArrowStream's inventory solution," said Debbie Pagliai, VP of Supply Chain at Coffee and Bagel Brands. "The visibility into inventory levels across our distributor network was vital to survive."

Operators are able to see and address the issues that need immediate attention including:

  • Monitoring distribution center (DC) inventory and buying levels to ensure that they have sufficient product on hand and on order;
  • Tracking and managing DC product substitutions to protect their quality and brand;
  • Responding to restaurant usage trends by monitoring inventory run-out dates and highlighting orders that are insufficient;
  • Avoiding stock-outs and lost revenue by identifying and reacting to supplier disruptions; and
  • Preparing product flows for new restaurant traffic by modeling demand changes.

As part of ArrowStream's continued commitment to the foodservice industry during COVID-19 and beyond, upfront fees will be waived for restaurant operators who sign up to use Inventory QuickStart.


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