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Aptito Replaces Paper Menus with Tablets

Aptito, Inc., an online service that provides free digital menu software to restaurant owners, and compatible tablet PCs or iPads at cost, has announced the official launch of its entirely digital menus.
The digital menus, consisting of slim tables (iPad/PC), work in tandem with any existing POS system and replace the outdated paper menus of yesteryear. Its proprietary software provides patrons with an interactive means of ordering food, finding dishes that they would like to order, reading reviews, viewing pictures, and being able to pay from their table or even call a waiter to request service.
The next generation digital menus can be electronically updated throughout the day, so that operators can quickly change menu selections, or feature particular dishes and specials.
The tablets also come with games for kids, streaming news for parents, social media sharing (Facebook/Twitter) for spreading the word, and even a customer feedback tool for owners.
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