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Aptech Announces Next Version to its Execuvue Business Intelligence Solution

 Aptech has released the next version of its Execuvue business intelligence solution. The web-based hospitality application gathers and coordinates data from a wide variety of corporate systems, including Smith Travel Research, into accessible, easily understood information with familiar browser commands. The NEW Execuvue features a completely redesigned user interface, making the customized reporting and data gathering tool even more intuitive.

“Hoteliers are reliant on data more than ever to help them navigate the future,” said Aptech Vice President Cam Troutman. “Execuvue helps operators make smarter business decisions and answer questions on the fly using AI-powered analytics. The enhanced solution features a new and improved ‘Dashboard’ tool delivering stunning images of financial and operational data to deliver actionable insights. It’s a drag-and-drop environment with predictive analytics that creates the best visualizations based on the data entered. For instance, if a user drags and drops occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR data onto the canvas, along with a list of properties and a separate list of dates, Execuvue will automatically make the association, link the data elements, and display the information in the most visually compelling way. 

“Another key enhancement to Execuvue is the system’s self-service capability,” he said. “Now clients can upload their own data into the application (without needing Aptech’s assistance), create custom reports/dashboards, and view the findings in a whole new way. With limited staff and leaner budgets, Aptech is helping operators do a lot more with a lot less. The scalability, flexibility, and integration capabilities of today’s Execuvue will truly set Aptech apart from other providers of hospitality business intelligence.”

The latest version of Execuvue will be rolled out to new customers immediately. Existing Execuvue users can migrate to the enhanced BI tool on request. Onboarding of the application and training will be provided.

To get more information about the new Execuvue or request a demo, click here.

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