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Apex’s Flow-Thru Locker Streamlines Order Pick-Up  

Apex Flow-Thru Locker is powered by a cloud-based platform that views mobile order information, including dwell time, compartment availability and more.

Apex Order Pick-Up Technologies’ Flow-Thru Locker Solution eliminates the line to help QSRs and foodservice brands provide a fast experience. This automated, self-serve technology makes order pick-up as frictionless as the order and pay process.

Mobile order and pay apps and online ordering has increased the demand for in-store order pick-up. Research notes mobile order and pay programs are available at more than 50 percent of QSR locations. In fact, by 2020 order ahead will drive $38 billion at QSRs, according to Business Insider.

Most QSRs have not updated their operations or employee workflow to handle the spike in orders.

As a result, order pick-up service is inefficient, requiring multiple employee touches. And order ahead customers are often unsure of how to pick up their order.  

Using the Apex Flow-Thru Locker Solution, employees have more time to assist dine-in customers since they don’t have to interact with order ahead customers. The two-sided lockers load from the rear, ensuring workflows aren’t interrupted while providing a well-defined pick-up area for customers. An easy-to-use order bump bar and status monitor makes order processing fast and efficient.

Upon arrival, customers skip the line and go to the Apex Flow-Thru Locker Solution to input their code. Their secure compartment lights up and opens automatically. After grabbing their order, the customer closes the locker door and can leave without waiting in line. process takes less than 10 seconds.

All of this activity is tracked in real-time by the Apex Trajectory Cloud, a cloud-based platform to view mobile order information, including dwell time, compartment availability and more. Trajectory Cloud can automatically send reports to management and is easily accessed at any time through a secure online portal or mobile app.

Apex is in booth 5870 at the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show.

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