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Amable Hoteles, Hotelogix Announce Partnership

Hotelogix, a global provider of cloud-based hotel management solutions, said it added Amable Hoteles in its portfolio of growing clients. Amable Hoteles wanted to overcome the operational barriers of managing hotels by opting for an all-in-one cloud product.

Amable Hoteles is a hotel partner whose objective is to improve occupancy and rate metrics for its associates. For this, Amable Hoteles provides integrated software and establishes online sales strategies together with the hotel, to then manage the application of this strategy in different channels.

Amable Hoteles required a simple and intuitive system for hoteliers who may have limited technical knowledge to modernize their operations. They needed an advanced property management solution that their hoteliers (who fall under medium segment category and are running properties with an average size of 30 rooms) can afford. And Amable Hoteles wanted an end-to-end integration of the Property Management System with the channel manager and booking engine at an affordable cost.

“The services offered by Hotelogix are proven, scalable and can be integrated with other applications that we are using. With the adoption of Hotelogix, we are confident that we will deliver the average tourist segment of Chile a consistent standard of service and guest experience that would fulfill our brand promise,” says Juan Jose Alarcon, General Manager, Amable Hoteles. “We are hopeful that a comprehensive system like Hotelogix that brings with itself a deep understanding of the hotelier’s requirement will help us to adopt the modern hospitality tech tools that would be relevant to expand our business and manage it better.”

Hotelogix has onboarded six of Amable Hoteles’ properties that were previously managed manually and were not too advanced in using (cloud) technology.



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