ALICE and Chexology Announce New Integration for a Streamlined, Tech-Enabled Guest Experience

ALICE, a hospitality operations and hotel management platform, announced its integration with Chexology, a technology that automates transactions involving the exchange of items for a claim ticket, such as luggage storage, coat check, personal items and more. The integration enables hotel employees to link checked items with a guest’s hotel reservation, eliminating the need for a single-use paper ticket and ensuring that items are correctly logged and connected with guest profiles. 

The ALICE and Chexology integration digitizes and improves a vital part of the hotel guest experience and streamlines the work done by front of house hotel employees. Together, the two companies provide a contactless and enhanced guest-centric experience, making the check-in process seamless. 

“Hotels offer paperless registration, keyless entry and automatic billing so it’s only natural to heighten the guest’s experience with a mobile-first approach at the first and last point of contact,” said Derek Pacqué, Chexology’s founder and CEO. “Paperless check-in eliminates error-prone processes, modernizes systems and reduces the expense of paper to improve our carbon footprint.”

The integration is live at the 512-room Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas, where employees can check-in guest items with Chexology and search for the guests within ALICE to connect personal items to hotel reservations. 

“The team at Circa wanted this integration,” said Will Baez, Circa’s hotel manager. “When guests pay a certain price to stay here, there is something off-putting about having to hand the guest a paper ticket. We are a tech-forward property and the future of Las Vegas.”

Key benefits include:

  • Text message communications
  • OCR technology
  • Stored images of belongings
  • Action list to balance assigned tasks
  • Assign storage locations
  • Search to return and one-touch return
  • Multi-Item tagging
  • Insights and analytics reporting

“We’re thrilled to integrate with Chexology, further enabling a streamlined guest and employee experience for our partner hotels,” said Dmitry Koltunov, ALICE’s chief technology officer and co-founder. “Guests have come to expect technology and contactless hospitality at every step of their hotel experience, and our partnership with Chexology gives employees the tools to provide that for guests.” 

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