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Aimesoft Releases Multimodal AI-based Virtual Receptionist Product AimeReception

Aimesoft, a provider of Multimodal AI products and solutions, has released AimeReception, an artificial intelligence receptionist software capable of touch screen and voice user interfaces.

AimeReception defines a new reception style for offices, buildings, and facilities. Installed at the front desks or entrance lobbies, the virtual AI receptionist appears as a photorealistic avatar, which can understand what visitors say and reply verbally as if the visitor is talking to an actual human receptionist. It is available for customers 24/7. The AI creates the avatar from any photo with rich facial expressions. AimeReception can replace all the tasks required at the front desk of companies, facilities, and apartments.

“AimeReception is a revolution in front offices,” said Dr. Duc Nguyen, co-founder, and CEO of Aimesoft. “It helps corporations and organizations drastically reduce the efforts for receptions, guest welcomings, and guidance while maintaining natural communication, just like regular human receptionists.”

The features of AimeReception include guest detection and identification by face recognition technology, voice user interface (speech recognition and synthesis), a photorealistic and animated avatar, natural language understanding and conversions, guest check-in notification to operators. Other advanced features are automatic door controlling, integration with meeting room reservation and calendar software, multilingual support, and customizable reception workflows. Aimesoft also offers similar virtual clerk software packages that are specifically tailored for hotels (AimeHotel), retail stores (Aime AIShop), and hospitals (AimeHospital). Those are versions of AimeReception with deep domain knowledge for each area.

When asked about the AimeHotel product, Aimesoft said:

"AimeHotel is designed to assist the customers and the staff with the check-in and check-out process. These processes vary in different hotels. AimeHotel could check the booking code of the customer or check the customer's face to see if it matches their ID/passports. It also has the ability to understand human language, so if a customer has any request or feedback, they can just talk to AimeHotel like talking to an actual person. Those requests and feedback will be collected and sent to the staff or the hotelier automatically. 

"AimeHotel can also provide information about hotel services or products; you can think of it like an information booth. With facial recognition technology, our software is able to identify every customer, this helps the staff and the hoteliers to provide personalized services for regular customers. This software won't completely replace human resources but it helps reduce costs because it's available 24/7. It's also fast and personalized so the quality of services and user experiences will be enhanced. Plus, in this Covid-19 pandemic, AimeHotel could reduce human-to-human interactions while preserving almost every aspect of hotel services."

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