ACRELEC, SYNQ3 Team Up on AI Ordering in Drive-Thru

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ACRELEC and SYNQ3 have teamed up to provide enterprise drive-thru brands with advanced AI voice ordering.

SYNQ3’s Conversational AI ordering technologies and ACRELEC OrderMatic’s intelligent audio system work in tandem to help restaurant operators navigate the new drive-thru landscape amidst labor shortages, rising costs, and strained order-taking environments.

30% of restaurant' off prem investments are in the drive-thru; 2% are adding drive-thrus for the first timeaccording to HT's 2022 Restaurant Technology Study.

This new solution enhances the guest experience through fast and accurate automated order processing – which drives operational efficiency and greater profits. 

Colorado-based tech company SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions provides  Conversational AI ordering, also known as SYNQ Voice, for thousands of restaurants across the United States. Specifically developed for the restaurant industry, SYNQ Voice conversationally interacts with guests in the drive-thru lane, captures their orders, and submits those orders directly into the restaurant's point-of-sale system. SYNQ Voice AI provides flexibility and scalability. r.

Chicago-based digital transformation company, ACRELEC, provides premier hardware, software, and services that help enterprise restaurant brands reimagine the customer experience for the digital age. Featuring OrderMatic, an AI microphone array system that leverages the same technologies powering AI home-smart assistants, ACRELEC OrderMatic provides drive-thru restaurants with unmatched inbound noise and echo cancellation.

Leveraging the intelligent microphone and wideband audio technologies, ACRELEC OrderMatic dramatically outpaces the competition, with 92% better performance rates capturing the guest's voice for speech-to-text order processing. Further, their software system is fully integrated with each restaurant's work environment, resulting in a seamless ordering process that helps alleviate the strain of labor burdens for high-volume drive-thru brands.

So, how do SYNQ3's and ACRELEC OrderMatic's solutions work together? ACRELEC OrderMatics's proprietary audio processing technology increases the success rates associated with automated drive-thru ordering. Integrated with SYNQ3's Conversational AI, SYNQ Voice dramatically enhances NLP accuracy while simultaneously integrating with each restaurant brand's technology stack and restaurant work environment. The combined solution of SYNQ3 and ACRELEC OrderMatic technologies provide a cost-efficient platform that radically enhances the capabilities of traditional AI order-taking.

By working in tandem, SYNQ3 and ACRELEC OrderMatic provide an accessible, scalable, and future-proof drive-thru solution that achieves the world's highest fully automated drive-thru order completion rates – without human assistance. As a result, their combined technologies simplify restaurant operations and ensure a quick and consistent drive-thru experience. This increases restaurant productivity, profitability, and enhances the overall guest experience.

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