7shifts Partners with SevenRooms to Help Restaurants Quickly Enable Self-Managed Direct Delivery

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

7shifts, the restaurant software platform dedicated to simplifying labor management, one shift at a time, and SevenRooms, a data-driven hospitality platform that combines operations, marketing and guest engagement tools, today announced a partnership designed to bring SevenRooms’ Direct Delivery platform to 7shifts network of 350,000 restaurant professionals.  

As restaurateurs around the world navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19, Direct Delivery provides a streamlined digital ordering solution for delivery and takeout orders. Its delivery function is unique in that restaurants can easily fulfill commission-free, direct orders placed through their own website, and other owned channels. They can then deliver it using their own staff or by plugging into existing delivery networks. By offering a direct solution to their customers, restaurant operators can retain customer data, enabling them to boost loyalty through targeted marketing efforts. 

With restaurants closed, and uncertainty around when they will be able to open again, operators need new revenue streams to support their business, and by extension, their teams. With Direct Delivery, restaurateurs will be able to:

  • Increase online order profitability, driving commission-free orders from their website, email and social media channels 

  • Drive repeat orders and revenue through owning every guest relationships across direct delivery channels 

  • Capture guest data and item-level order history to drive repeat orders through automated marketing campaigns

“Since the COVID-19 crisis took hold, our teams’ sole mission has been to support our customers and the industry at large,” said Jordan Boesch, 7shifts CEO. “We are excited to partner with SevenRooms as they share in this vision of doing whatever it takes to help restaurants succeed in the face of uncertainty. Right now, independent restaurants feel they need to be on a 3rd-party delivery network to survive. We believe in providing restaurateurs with best-in-class technology so they feel empowered to make the right long-term decisions for their business.”

The partnership between 7shifts and SevenRooms comes at a critical juncture for the hospitality industry, as legislated closures and social distancing measures mean that restaurants must adapt in order to survive. By implementing intuitive, web-based solutions such as Direct Delivery restaurants give themselves the best chance to stay resilient and weather the storm.

Our partnership with 7shifts enables us to get Direct Delivery into the hands of operators who need a solution now to keep their businesses running, and their employees paid,” said Joel Montaniel, CEO at SevenRooms. “By offering a commission-free online delivery platform, we are helping restaurants increase profitability with delivery and pick-up, while also capturing customer data that can be used to boost repeat orders through automated marketing. In a world where every dollar can mean the difference between reopening or not, we are excited to have 7shifts as a partner in providing industry-leading solutions for hospitality operators as they navigate the challenges related to COVID-19.”

Direct Delivery is available at no cost for the next 90 days for existing U.S.-based 7shifts users. For more information, click here to schedule a time with a member of the 7shifts team.


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