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75-Unit Burger Chain Serves up Loyalty with Mobile CRM Platform

Punchh, a brand-centric mobile CRM suite for brick and mortar businesses, will create a customized mobile and swipe-card based rewards program for the 75-unit Farmer Boys burger and breakfast chain. The Farmer Boys branded mobile app will allow customers to view menus, earn and redeem loyalty rewards, and refer their friends. The app will be available at select stores starting in Q2 of this year.  Customers will also be able to use swipe cards to participate in the loyalty program.   
With the Punchh loyalty program, Farmer Boys will be able to engage Millennials and baby boomers through their smartphones and swipe cards. Punchh’s cloud-based, POS-integrated platform will allow restaurant operators to engage loyalty members in real time, and provide customized offers to boost sales and repeat traffic.
The chain chose Punchh to better understand and reward its most loyal customers—many of whom have been coming to the chain for decades—while improving its ability to attract new patrons. It also recognized the platform’s higher potential for return on marketing investments.
For operators, the Punchh mobile CRM platform makes it easy to track customer purchases and, in real time, makes that data accessible to store and corporate staff through a web-based dashboard. Using the Punchh dashboard, operators can manage customer relationships, see customers’ purchasing history in real time, and tailor one-to-one offers.
Customers use a single mobile app to earn and redeem rewards, place an order, pay for their food, interact directly with brand operators, share reviews about brands with friends through social media, play games, or respond to surveys.
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