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75 Hilton Locales in UK, Ireland Receive PCI-Certified MICROS POS Solution

Hilton Hotels Corporation partners with MICROS-Fidelio UK Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of MICROS Systems, Inc. to upgrade from its current MICROS EPOS solutions to the PCI certified MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management Solution (HMS), across 75 locations in the UK and Ireland. The MICROS 9700 HMS is an EPOS system designed specifically for the large enterprise and integrates all functions of both the front-end and back-office food and beverage operations.

In four cases, Hilton has clustered the MICROS 9700 HMS solution to allow one hotel to run the operations of several remote Workstation 4LX's, resulting in huge labor cost savings. The MICROS 9700 HMS also interfaces into Hilton's credit authorization and back-office software. The system employs Structured Query Language (SQL), an industry-standard method for accessing database information, allowing data to be stored with most software packages.

"Given the diversity of our hotels and operations, we required a hospitality management solution that is proven within the hotel chain marketplace, and MICROS's recent implementations globally gave us great confidence," states Karl North, senior director IT for Hilton in the UK and Ireland. "It was also imperative to us that IT is seen as adding value and not cost to our business."
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