56-Unit Applebee's Franchisee to Roll out Labor Mgmt & Employee Scheduling Tool

Quality Restaurant Concepts (QRC), a 56-unit Applebee's franchise located in the Southeast U.S., has selected HotSchedules Enterprise for restaurant labor management, communication and forecasting. After conducting a 12-store pilot over the course of four months, QRC is now in the process of implementing HotSchedules Enterprise to its entire franchise base, and expects to go-live by the end of June 2010.

As many restaurants typically still do, QRC previously managed its labor scheduling and forecasting through Excel spreadsheets, making the scheduling process and any shift changes very cumbersome for both managers and employees. Additionally, HotSchedules' advanced forecasting capabilities were an important factor in QRC's selection process, as the solution will allow QRC to manage labor incrementally and by highly customizable business rules (i.e. minimum or maximum number of employees, revenue per period, and special events) instead of just based on sales, which often do not take into account the "bigger picture" that these customized business rules can encompass. With more enhanced forecasting abilities from HotSchedules, QRC can now build a more strategic employee schedule that better matches its specific needs for each shift.

With HotSchedules' user-friendly, online scheduling solution, QRC managers will now be able to significantly reduce the time it takes to develop more accurate staff schedules and approve shift changes. HotSchedules will also allow QRC employees to access their portal anytime, anywhere they have internet access, call the 24-hour automated toll free support line, or receive text messages to check their schedules or make shift changes. Additionally, QRC plans to use the HotSchedules Digital Logbook, a powerful web-based logbook that replaces the old method of paper-based logbooks and encourages accountability and communication among store and district managers.

"We knew that we needed an easy-to-use solution that would help us fine-tune and manage our labor. We saw HotSchedules as a way to keep a closer eye on labor costs and schedule the right employees in the right spot, and at the right time to deliver superior service to our guests," says Tom Winston, director of operations administrator, QRC. "By matching our revenue with the right people on the clock, we look forward to our restaurants adding to their bottom lines with significant labor cost savings."

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