Zoox Smart Data Reveals How Investing in Data Protection and Privacy Initiatives Encourages Technological Innovation

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Zoox Smart Data (“Zoox”), a global provider of technological solutions that harness big data to build customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, today announced it has released a review entitled, “The Value (Not the Price) of Investments in Privacy and Information Security.” The company is educating clients on the importance of investing in privacy practices to protect customer data and promote business growth. 

"Globally in 2021, the number of weekly cyber attacks increased 40 percent compared to 2020," said Pedro Nunes, legal and privacy director and data protection officer at Zoox. "Due to the growth in the number of cyber attacks and the vulnerability of companies, it is estimated that investments in the area of information security and privacy have tripled in the last three years."  

Zoox provides organizations with the ability to capture, augment and effectively use personal data to improve the guest experience through focused marketing strategy. Aside from hotels and gaming organizations, Zoox also works with a variety of property types, including restaurants, stadiums, airports, retail establishments, healthcare facilities, college campuses, and other areas or venues that allow customers or guests to access a Wi-Fi network.  

In this review, Nunes reminds organizations how important it is to follow the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the best practices of information security, as well as allow guests more visibility into how their data will be used. While GDPR sets rules and procedures for data collection and use, Zoox advises that investment in privacy practices is an investment in customers, and that translates into sustainable data collection and business growth. 

"Investing in the adoption of modern, agile technologies and following approved data security practices can increase the profitability of a business by mitigating potential data security issues in the future," added Nunes. "We are proud to work with our clients around the globe to help them protect their greatest asset – information they gather with their customers' approval in order to provide better service and build trust and loyalty." 

For more information, please visit www.zooxsmart.com

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