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Ziosk Touchscreens Bring Tableside Payment to Iowa Chili's


The Ziosk was created by TableTop Media to alleviate the biggest complaint from guests in restaurants; not being able to pay their checks and leave when they are ready.

It is the first digital entertainment and pay-at-the-table device for the casual dining restaurant market. A Ziosk resides on each table and enables guests to see featured items, play games, watch movie trailers, sign up for e-clubs, order desserts, take surveys and pay on demand when they are ready to depart.

"Having the Ziosk on our tables has been a win for the guests and a win for us. Guests love to be able to pay their checks when they are ready and have entertainment on the table during their visit," says Mike Bova, EVP of operations for ERJ Dining, LLC., Chili's largest franchisee and owner of all freestanding Chili's locations in Iowa

Through its pay-at-the-table functionality, guests can view and pay their checks at their convenience with credit, debit and gift card payment options. The Ziosk also offers guests the flexibility of splitting the check and auto-calculating the tip.

Guests can feel that their payment information is secure when paying on the Ziosk because their credit card never leaves their hand. TableTop Media asserts that 67% of credit card theft takes place in restaurants, but paying on the Ziosk eliminates that security risk like other card readers have done at grocery stores, gas stations and virtually every other industry with credit card payment.

Making the time between ordering and eating pass quickly is another benefit of Ziosk. Guests barely realize they’ve been waiting for their food when they are interacting with activities, such as watching movie trailers, getting show times and tickets for nearby theaters, playing games, taking quizzes, and watching cartoons and reading USA Today.

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