Zaxby's Selects MICROS Myinventory to Streamline Operations

More than 150 Zaxby's locations have deployed MICROS's myinventory to better manage and control in-store inventories. This encompasses all of its corporate and 60+ franchisee locations that aim to cut costs and increase profits through improved inventory operations. The myinventory solution integrates with the MICROS Point-of-Sale, which is already deployed by Zaxby's.
Zaxby's 535 casual restaurants are located across the southern United States. Zaxby's will use MICROS's myinventory to optimize the management of inventory. The MICROS myinventory solution produces cumulative, daily and ad hoc reports related to ordering, receiving, inventory counts, waste and more. Zaxby's employees access the myinventory function through a Web browser.
"We continually strive to improve our business and operational efficiencies and drive profits, something myinventory helps us accomplish," expressed Robert Baxley, Chief Operation Officer for Zaxby's.  "MICROS's myinventory fully satisfies our requirement for an agile web deployable platform, enabling us to place product orders online directly to our suppliers.  MICROS has been our POS provider for the past four years, and its continual development of business management solutions makes MICROS one of our key partners."
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