YUM Franchisee: 'Better Transactions with a Side of Fraud Prevention'

Luihn Food Systems (www.luihnfood.com), a YUM Brands franchisee operating 85 restaurants including KFC, A&W, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Long John Silver's in the southeastern United States, was ready to update its stand-alone payment system to something more fully integrated. While the existing POS system worked well, it had several limitations: more double entry errors, extra equipment at the countertop, and more difficulty with settlement. After deciding to adopt an integrated POS/payment system, Luihn Food Systems looked at its requirements.
Luihn wanted an integrated payment system that would make use of the PAR Exalt POS system that was already in place in its stores. By retaining the existing POS, Luihn would be able to avoid the cost of a new system, as well as the need to retrain staff.
In addition, security, reliability and theft prevention were high on Luihn's technology checklist. Merchants accepting card-based payments must meet PCI DSS standards for cardholder data security, which includes the use of a payment solution that is PCI PA-DSS validated. Reliability is critical in Luihn's fast-paced environment, where downtime can equal lost revenue. Finally, Luihn wanted a tool that would help to prevent theft and fraud at the point-of-sale, a problem plaguing the quick service restaurant industry as a whole.
Luihn Foods turned to Precidia Technologies (www.precidia.com), a developer of payment software and hardware solutions that are designed to integrate complete payment functionality with existing cash registers and POS systems.
Luihn implemented Precidia's TransNet payment engine application because it responded to each of Luihn's requirements regarding security, reliability and theft prevention. The PCI PA-DSS validated solution is housed on Precidia's POSLynx220 payment router and can route transactions via broadband IP to any certified processor.
TransNet with POSLynx220 features dial back-up in case of network failure, and pager, e-mail or text alerts to IT staff. Plus the solution's store-level management server, MerchantVu, features customizable real-time alerts that notify Luihn's management team of suspicious transactions.
TransNet was pre-certified to transaction processors, and integrated easily with the PAR Exalt system. Installation was simple, as NetVu includes a remote deployment feature in which the POSLynx220 automatically downloads its configuration when plugged in.
TransNet delivered fully integrated payments at a fraction of the cost of replacing Luihn's current POS system. With MerchantVu, Luihn can now view transaction activity at each location and close batches. The company also leverages NetVu to block certain card numbers or receive alerts regarding abnormal transaction activity.
Luihn also found unanticipated value in TransNet's management server, which was included with the product for a small yearly fee. Managing transaction activity at multiple high-volume locations proved challenging for Luihn and the ability to remotely monitor and manage store operators resulted in improved operations.

Lauren Bain
attended Georgia Southern University with a degree in Information Systems and Computer Science. Bain has been with Luihn Food Systems for seven years and has more than 17 years experience with Information Technology management in the hospitality industry. She worked as a Director of Information Technology for a franchise of Denny's restaurants in Orlando Florida prior to joining the Luihn organization. She is a current member of the FRANMAC IT Committee, KFC IT Committee and is also a certified PAR field engineer.
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