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Yanzi Networks Launches Dashboard, Analytics Tool for Smart Buildings

Yanzi Networks, a global provider of IoT device management technology, announced the launch of a new dashboard and analytics offering tagged Yanzi Insights. Building on its robust set of lifecycle management tools, Insights will provide in-depth understanding of data coming out of smart building devices along with providing actionable recommendations for occupancy, space utilization, and indoor environments. One of the biggest challenges encountered when implementing smart building solutions is the configuration and integration required to get everything up and running. In many cases, this can involve multiple suppliers, months of planning and unforeseen costs that exceed budgets. “Insights requires no custom configuration and can be turned on within minutes making your path to more informed decisions virtually instantaneous,” cites Stefan Sandhagen, Chief Product Officer at Yanzi.

By combining and analyzing real-time and historic data around how occupants are interacting with their built environment, users are able to detect trends that can be acted on. The tool will even provide automated optimization guidance and calculate the potential revenue impact of such changes. Further, the monitoring of indoor environmental factors will help determine where improvements need to be made to support maximum productivity while correlating this with where people are spending time.

As we have become all too aware in recent weeks, COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on work patterns in many ways. As restrictions are gradually lifted, social distancing guidelines are likely to stay in place for some time to come. This, coupled with the cost-cutting pressure of a global economic downturn, will spotlight how crucial it is to understand things like what spaces are being used most frequently, if social distancing measures are being followed and where real estate footprints can be reduced. At the same time, this pandemic also highlights the need for increased attention to wellness and how indoor environments can significantly impact occupants’ health. Offices, with their population density, are especially vulnerable to spreading diseases. Elements such as air circulation, humidity and temperature will impact the amount of microorganisms moving through the system so being able to monitor these factors on an ongoing basis will assure tenants the building is safe and compliant with standards like RESET™ and Fitwel™.

“Our goal in releasing Insights right now is to provide critical information that can drive better decisions and actions in the era of Covid-19. Building owners and managers are going to be in the very challenging position of implementing cost-saving measures while doing everything they can to ensure the health and well-being of their tenants. Data and analytics will be the essential foundation for this and what Insights is designed for,” said Jennifer Nye, VP of Business Development and Customer Success.

About Yanzi Networks - Leading IoT Device Management Platform for Smart Buildings

Yanzi Networks has developed an open, fast, robust, and evolutionary software and device management platform for IoT devices in smart buildings. Yanzi collaborates with the industry’s largest vendors in order to deliver value to the real estate owners and facility management companies who wish to enter the world of Smart Buildings. Yanzi Networks AB is a venture backed company with headquarters in Kista, Sweden, and sales office in Boston, MA.

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