Xirrus Creates EasyPass to Solve Wi-Fi Access Challenges

Wireless network provider Xirrus unveiled EasyPass, a suite of services that manage mobile device connections to Wi-Fi networks in the simplest way with minimal IT involvement. EasyPass streamlines device onboarding for employees and guests and requires up to five fewer steps than before. The cloud hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides IT complete control over the Wi-Fi network from a single console and provides the only device-agnostic solution on the market that eliminates all platform dependencies.
Today, network administrators face managing the Internet of Things (IoT) on their Wi-Fi networks and Gartner estimates 25 billion connected devices by 2020, up from 5 billion today. This exceptional growth of traffic has already not only severely stressed Wi-Fi networks, but also the IT administrators who face the growing challenge of supporting, securing and managing the proliferation of these devices in their businesses.
EasyPass delivers the simplest, fastest onboarding process available in the market to manage any number, or type, of device on the Wi-Fi network. Unlike other access solutions in the industry that are complex and require dedicated resources to manage, Xirrus EasyPass:
  • Eliminates complexity and is extremely easy to install and manage
  • Requires no dedicated resources or training to implement
  • Comes at no additional cost with every XMS-Cloud subscription
  • Lowers installation costs and integration requirements via a cloud-hosted solution
  • Works across all platforms and operating systems regardless of device
The EasyPass suite of services includes three modules:
  • EasyPass Onboarding: Provides device-independent secure access for known users such as employees or students and ensures each user’s connection is individually secured, eliminating the shared keys used on many Wi-Fi networks that expose them to compromise.
  • EasyPass Guest: EasyPass Guest allows users to self-register without any IT assistance, and delivers fast and easy Wi-Fi access for anyone that wants to connect from anywhere, on any device.
  • EasyPass Voucher: Enables guest access with pre-created voucher codes to ensure greater control over who receives Wi-Fi access and for what duration.
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