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World Web Technologies Integrates Duetto Revenue Strategy Solutions with Its Cloud PMS

World Web Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce direct integration between WebRezPro, its cloud property management system (PMS) for independent hotels, and Duetto’s revenue strategy technology for timely, more accurate pricing updates that save time and optimize revenue for hoteliers.
Duetto’s revenue strategy solutions empower hotels to optimize profit on every booking with powerful insights into demand and pricing. The two-way integration between Duetto’s revenue strategy solutions and WebRezPro's PMS automates data transfer between the two systems, improving demand forecast accuracy and speed-of-reaction for pricing updates to optimize distribution and revenue.
With the Duetto interface, WebRezPro automatically pushes daily availability, rate and reservation data to Duetto and Duetto automatically sends accepted rates to WebRezPro, saving hoteliers valuable time by eliminating the need to input this data into the systems manually.
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